A sweet man shocked his wife by giving her a car and an iPhone 14 Pro as push presents.

The happy new dad presented his wife with a brand-new Lexus Jeep that had been exquisitely balloon- and ribbon-decorated.

Many people were moved by a Nigerian man’s gesture of giving his wife a car and a brand-new iPhone 14 Pro Max as push presents.

The husband chose to reward his wife for the strain and discomfort she endured during the pregnancy and delivery of their kid after the pair had welcomed a baby.

The happy new dad surprised his wife with a brand-new Lexus Jeep that was exquisitely decked with balloons and ribbons in a video that was posted online.

To express his gratitude for her effort, he also gave her the most recent iPhone Pro Max, a money bouquet, and a box loaded with cash.

While displaying the gifts, the delighted new mother wrote,

“Safe delivery gifts from my husband, 14 pro max and car”

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