A precious moment as a man gives his mother a brand-new smartphone as a birthday present. “She has always wanted a tab.”

When a young Nigerian man gives her mother a brand-new smartphone for her birthday, he catches her mother’s immeasurable happiness.

A video that went viral on the microblogging site X showed the horrified expression on the face of a mother who got a birthday present from her son.

Using the platform, the X user @VickyShegzy highlighted how lovely and poignant the event was.

Sharing the video, he wrote, “she has always wanted a tab.”

The video has since generated tons of heartwarming reactions, with many praising the young man for appreciating his mother with token appreciation.

Reactions to the mother’s birthday present of a new smartphone

thobymore1 wrote: “This thing with mothers rolling on the floor amazes me 😂 just contain the joy and move, why roll.”

Ahlexmoralex penned: “I love seeing this look on my mom’s face .. it makes me wanna do more.”

Ayowa9 said: “Better pass awwnnnnn thank you baby.”

newlordchubby noted: “Sending money to my mum and seeing how appreciative she is is actually very overwhelming for me , I’d be like mummy I am your son , you shouldn’t be thanking me like this😂😂😂😂.”

Adunniiee said: “My mother’s reaction when my brother and I got her a music box😂😂😂😂. She was talking about it for days cos she was randomly talking about getting it so she was so happy.”

Silva_ojonimi noted: “Better than “ awwwn seen thanks.“

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