A Nigerian woman declares, “To carry all my beauty and give it to one man who doesn’t have money will be a crime against myself and humanity.”

She believes that because of how well-rounded she is, she deserves a wealthy man.

A recent message that Mmesoma Chukwudi, a young woman from Nigeria, put on social media, has generated controversy.

The woman displayed her toned physique on Facebook and claimed that it would be a crime for her to give her attractiveness to a poor person.

She feels that since she is a full package, she deserves a wealthy man and that if she marries a poor man, God won’t forgive her.

She wrote on Facebook post on Monday, March 27:2023.

“It will be a crime against myself and Humanity to carry all these beauty and give one man, and on top of it, the man will not now have money? How??? It is not possible now? The beauty, The Body, The Carriage, The Industrious on top? And na one man wey no come get money? God will not permit that, he will not forgive me sef.”

See her post below,

The post has sparked mixed reactions online, with many criticizing her statement.

@iam_bmodel wrote, “Guys please if una later make money, make una show these kind of girls shege pro max”

@abjluxuryhub wrote, “And when men come out to talk, we all blame them. And when girls like this continue to make women look cheap, aunty, do what’s best for you.”

@jahbizzle wrote, “Eye Dey pain me I think .. cos I Dey always mistake mgbeke for beauty these days .. God Abeg o”

@evada20 wrote, “This is what white money was talking about. We women are the ones giving these men wat to say about us”

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