A Nigerian man turns down a follower who pleaded for N1,000 after learning the follower supports Tinubu.

The man looked into the follower’s history and saw that he had liked a post by Tinubu, indicating that he was a fan.

A Nigerian man publicly mocked a follower who pleaded for N1,000 after learning that the man was a Bola Tinubu devotee.

The follower, who referred to the man as his “big bro,” had posted a need for financial aid in the comment section of his post.

He explained that he was having financial difficulties and asked for N1,000 in return.

Sharing his account details, the follower wrote, “Big bro Please can you assist me with 1k it would bring me joy things are very hard for me Account 9073***375 opay please ”

However, the man with handle @Dr_chazduke did a background check on the follower and discovered that he liked a post by Tinubu, suggesting that he is a fan.

He found this upsetting and brazenly declined to assist the young man because they don’t hold the same principles.

The individual, who is thought to be a fervent backer of Tinubu’s opponent Peter Obi, wrote

“Hell No, I can’t assist someone that admires a character like Tinubu.
I’m not your bro, we don’t share anything in common.”

His reply sparked outrage online, and many criticized the justification he gave for turning down the follower’s request.

Many individuals sent the follower money out of pity, saying that politics should not be used as an excuse to treat those in need cruelly.

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