A lesbian living overseas with a Nigerian fiancé tells Daddy Freeze, “He stated it’s better than sleeping with guys.

According to her, her fiancé like it that way since it’s preferable to cheating on him with other men.

Controversial media personality Daddy Freeze recounted a conversation he had with a lesbian living overseas who is engaged to a Nigerian.

The lesbian opened up to Freeze about her sexuality and relationship status, and he posted screenshots of their chat on his Instagram page.

The woman claimed in the chat that she wasn’t born a lesbian and that she had to learn the behavior from her friends. She has “Proud Lesbian” and “LGBTQ” boldly written in her Instagram bio.

When Freeze questioned if she ever slept with males, the woman admitted that she only did so once a year, when she traveled to Nigeria to see her fiancé.

Daddy Freeze was quite taken aback by this revelation and inquired as to whether or not her partner was aware of her sexual orientation. She replied in the affirmative.

She claims he prefers it that way because it’s preferable to cheating on him with a male.

Freeze then inquired about her plans for handling sexual tension after she eventually marries the man. The woman replied that because she “dislikes” men, she can’t have sex with him frequently and that she intends to have him sign a contract.

Read their discussion below,

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