A guy is found by his family after being lost at sea for several hours in an emotional scene.

A teenage diver who had been adrift at sea for hours was miraculously saved by his family, as seen in a popular Tiktok video.

Late last week, while spearfishing in Key West, Dylan Gartenmayer, 22, was pulled by a strong Gulf Stream current away from his other divers. Dylan Gartenmayer is 22 years old.

As the water quality deteriorated, Dylan, who says he usually free dives 100 feet or more, did one last dive. The current tugged him down to 150 feet as soon as he got to 35 feet and held him there for almost two minutes.

Read what Dylan told local NBC 6 below.

“So that’s how I ended up getting separated. They were mainly looking down, thinking I blacked out from a lack of oxygen. I had a bunch of bait floating up around me and everything. I knew that there were big fish eating those baits and there were sharks that were going to be shortly behind them. I was ready to fight the night out, but I’m glad I didn’t have to.” 

Family members, who had been searching for Dylan for two hours, spotted him and shared a video of the moment show their cheers of celebration, with people hugging the 21-year-old after he gets on the boat.

Dylan, for his part, said he will be diving again very soon.

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