A amazing 89-year-old woman comes out of retirement to begin her 70th year of teaching mathematics.

Delores Spencer, an inspiring 89-year-old from Virginia in the United States, has made history by coming out of retirement to continue teaching math to children.

Young math instructor Delores Spencer, who is now retired, had been a teacher for almost 30 years. But because she has such a strong desire to help people everywhere, she has returned to teaching via Facebook Live and YouTube.

She kept up her skill over the years and now has over 70 years of teaching mathematics, one of the longest-ever in the world. “I just really wanted to help students get over that fear of math,” Spencer told GMA.

“So many parents and students have fear of mathematics. And it really, it’s beautiful. If I can find out what blocks you, then I can remove that block, and usually you don’t need me anymore until you get to another block. And that’s what real tutoring is about,” she added.

Spencer described her trip as a wonderful experience and added that she enjoys, to the best of her abilities, seeing other people solve mathematical puzzles.

“It’s been a wonderful experience to reach out to so many people. If I teach you how to do it, you can do it just as well as I can. It’s so great when you see the light come on in their mind [and] they say, ‘Oh!’ And that’s [when] they got it,” she said.

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