A 35-year-old ends Yobe speaker’s 6th term ambition

Ahmed Mirwa Lawan, the Speaker of the Yobe State House of Assembly, has lost his seat to Lawan Musa, a 35-year-old PDP candidate for the Nguru II Constituency.

35-year-old ends Yobe speaker?s 6th term ambition

Habib Muhammad, Musa defeated Yobe’s All Progressives Congress (APC) Speaker, who received 6,466 votes, according to the election results released by the returning officer.

He claimed that the other ADC, NNPP, and APM candidates received 3,023, 14, and votes, respectively.

Since his election as a member of the House by the All Nigeria Peoples Party in 2003, Lawan Musa has served in the parliament (ANPP).


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