A 29-year-old man allegedly lured 2-year-old girl with chocolates and raped her in Abuja.

On Lindaikeja blog, a story of a 29-year old who allegedly lured a little girl of about 2-years into his room with chocolate then raped her was reported. The said incident happened yesterday at Gwarimpa, in Abuja.

The said who should be observing the holy fasting period but rather decided to commit this sin against an innocent soul as while as badly injuring the little girl tried to deny the allegation when the girl exposed him. Thank God that the girls elder brother was able to collaborate the girls calm so she was believed.  

The victim’s parents said they were “leaving him to Allah” but the case was taken up by the concerned family member who shared the story on Twitter and according to her, the rapist has now been apprehended.

Read the tweets below.

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