A 24-year-old woman marries 85-year-old man and hopes to give him his first child

An 85-year-old guy, who is far older than her grandfather, married a 24-year-old woman.

24-year-old woman marries 85-year-old man and hopes to give him his first child

While working in a laundromat in 2019, Miracle Pogue, 24, of Starkville, Mississippi, met her husband Charles Pogue, 85, and the two grew close.

A year after they first met, retired real estate agent Charles made the decision to confess his emotions for the nurse, and in February 2020, he proposed.

Since Charles is childless, the couple is considering IVF in the hopes of conceiving a child so that Charles will leave behind a new generation.

When they saw how happy the pensioner made her, Miracle’s mother Tamika Phillips, 45, and grandfather Joe Brown, 72, supported the connection from the beginning, but her father Kareem, she claims.

Charles said: “Miracle has got a lot going for her. She’s got her life in order, she’s great.

“The wedding day was wonderful, it was the best day of my life. There’s no problem with the age difference.

?People making comments online doesn’t make a difference, we just let them do their thing. We’re very happy together. We’re looking forward to starting a family together.?

The couple married in July last year and Miracle describes the day as ?the best day? of her life.

24-year-old woman marries 85-year-old man and hopes to give him his first child

Despite the age difference, Miracle says she’s desperate to start a family with Charles and hopes to have two children.

Miracle said: I want him to have another generation. We’re looking to go to an IVF clinic to talk about our options.

“We went to an IVF clinic before but we really felt the pre-judgment even though they don’t know me and it was quite overwhelming.

“Now I’m forgetting it as long as they give me my baby. Maybe Charles’s age will stop us from having children but I have an open mind. It may not work.

“I worry about Charles. At Thanksgiving he got Covid and I broke down. I prepared myself, but the way he gets up and goes every day, he’s not going anywhere.

“We prepare for things and he says he might not be here in five years. I tell him he will and he’ll outlive us all.

?I know realistically I’ll be around longer than him so I try to live and have fun and experience as much as I can with him. We try to live it up.?

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