A 19-year-old apprentice stabbed to death by his friend in Benue

Sekegh Aku, a 19-year-old apprentice, was allegedly fatally stabbed in Benue State by his companion, a 17-year-old.

19-year-old apprentice stabbed to death by his friend in Benue

After a brief altercation between the deceased and the suspect, Torver Kunav, the incident took place at Tomahar Street in the state’s Gboko Local Government Area.

Terwase Evelyn, a relative of the deceased, claimed in an interview with the Punch that Sekegh and Kunav were friends before the sad event.

I wasn’t present when the incident occurred, but my son in Abuja called to inform me that something untoward happened on January 9, 2023, at 11am, and that I should return home.

“I am like a sister or mother to the deceased. We stay in the same compound. He is like a son to me; his name is Sekegh Simon Aku. His mother and I are from the same local government and we relate more like sisters.  So I was very close to him just like a mother,” 

“He was just into a mere argument with his friends. They had been friends for some time now; it did not happen in the house, it was in a nearby house, because the immediate elder brother of the deceased was there with them.

“According to him, it was just a mere argument, not a serious issue and that in the course of the argument, he tried to stop them from shouting at each other. Sekegh didn’t know that the boy had the intention of harming him. He was talking to his brother when the boy removed a pair of scissors from the bag he had on him and stabbed Sekegh. He died immediately. By the time the news got to the mother, it was too late;  he had already died,” 

“The boy who stabbed the deceased is a very arrogant and troublesome boy; he is known by everyone around to be very troublesome; he has no good qualities or character at all. We had even tried to separate him and our son but we live in the same street. He stays with his parents and he has landed them in trouble countless times.

The case was reported at Gboko Central Police Station and policemen from the station took Sekegh’s body to the mortuary, she said, adding that the suspect has been arrested. 

“It was the boy’s mother that personally reported the case to the police; I guess for fear that he could be attacked.  So, the boy was arrested and detained by the police. But presently, his relatives are nowhere to be found; they packed all their belongings and fled their house,” she further said. 

The woman described Sekegh as a good boy, adding that he earlier revealed that the suspect had threatened to kill him. 

“He was from Konshisha Local Government though born and raised in the Gboko Local Government Area of Benue State where he  lived until his death. He was a free-spirited boy; everybody wanted to be around him. He was an apprentice, learning carpentry

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