81-year-old man returns to university after 50 years of dropping out, graduates with outstanding grades

Way Bandy, an 81-year-old grandpa from the United States, eventually earned his Bachelor of General Studies degree from the University of South Florida St. Petersburg, 50 years after discontinuing the program (USF).

Way Bandy first enrolled in the Bachelor’s program in 1974, but left when he just needed to finish one subject to pass the 1978 exam. He said he quit school to start a family and settle down.

“My mother, bless her heart … the thing she drilled into me as a child was, ‘The two of the most important things are your health and your word of honor. [She said to me]: I want your word of honor that one day you’ll go back and get your degree,” Bandy narrated.

Bandy honored his vow to his mother despite the fact that she passed away in 2003. In order to uphold his promise to his mother, he returned to the University of South Florida St. Petersburg (USF) 50 years after dropping out and earned a degree with honors.

His graduation at such an advanced age inspired many to believe that it is never too late to earn a degree.

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