Trust’ is the most important key factor to work out in any relationship. Cheating is one of the biggest relationship deal-breakers and is considered a sin. The whole relationship is destroyed if there is no trust. It breaks hearts and makes it difficult for a faithful partner to ever trust anyone in future leaving them disheartened.

Some may blame their partners, or some may just pass it off a mistake or blame it on their own drinking habit. Here we will discuss some excuses you’ll hear from cheating men when they are caught.

  1. Denying the cheating episode
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It is the easiest excuse to deny the cheating act completely. It may help the men to give relief to their partners as they might believe them and be content with the fact that their relationship is still intact.

  1. Questioning the partner’s mentality
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The one thing men tend to do when accused of cheating is that they, in turn, accuse their partner of being out of their mind. They make them feel like all of this doubt is in their head and manipulate their partners. Gaslighting accusers is one common practice. They just don’t deny any error on their part but also try to manipulate their partners into thinking as if they are out of their minds.

  1. We are just friends
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When men are caught cheating with either colleagues or just random women who they are involved with, they try to brush it off by saying that they are just good friends and there is absolutely nothing between them.

  1. It won’t happened again

When men are caught red-handed and can’t use any other reason they try to justify the horrid act by saying that it just happened once thinking that it will make everything okay.

  1. There is nothing between anymore
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When caught they would try to save their relationship by telling their partner that it’s over and will never happen again. But as they say, ‘Once a cheater always a cheater,’ they may intentionally lie about it and may still continue to have an affair outside of the relationship.

  1. That it was just a fling
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Telling that it was just physical and nothing else and will never happen again. But it doesn’t change the fact that it was a betrayal. For men getting sexually involved outside a relationship isn’t that big of a deal.

  1. They play the sympathy card
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Last, but certainly not the least, is your cheating partner acting like the victim to gain sympathy. They may tell that they were emotionally helpless and were seeking comfort. Or how the other person took advantage of their emotional vulnerability is one of the many reasons how they will try to justify their act of adultery without being blamed.

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Always remember that a partner cheating on you is definitely not your fault. Although there is no perfect way to prevent something as serious as adultery as it happens for a number of reasons the best thing you can do is have a good conversation with your partner about your current relationship status. You can talk about your expectations from each other and what you consider cheating and what may hurt you.

Writen by Sir Abuhba

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