Man raped chicken because he can’t find a girlfriend.

Wonders of the world as told by Kevin Simonyi, a Kenyan man was caught having sex with a chicken by the chicken’s horrified owner.  The man inhuman act killed the poor chicken which dead “from exhaustion.”

T he man that commited the said atrocity, Sicko Simonyi, 19, told a shocked court he was too afraid to talk to women. and that Keyan’s girls did not fancy him because he was not rich enough.

He told the court: “I was caught defiling the hen by its owner,” 

“I fear approaching women because of the high level of poverty and I feel women are very expensive.

“Yes, I did it.”

The weird boy did plead guilty to the charges but beg for leniecy as he was a first offender. He was later jailed by the Magistrate Stephen Mogute for 15 months in   Prison.

The world is becoming very very biazaar as the days go by.

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