23-year-old Lady graduates from US university with three degrees while nursing her new-born twins, celebrates achievement

Montoya Timaya Major, a remarkable 23-year-old who graduated with three degrees from Nova Southeastern University while entirely caring for her infant twin, has achieved significant success in the US.

Montoya Timaya, who chronicled her struggles and victories on Facebook, claimed that she had to overcome several obstacles by herself, including giving birth to her twins through C-section. She was happy with her second cardiovascular sonography bachelor’s degree and her master’s in health science, though.

“Our program started off with 26 people and I am now 1 of 17 that will be graduating. 5 months after starting my graduate program I found out that I was pregnant,” Montoya narrated on Facebook.

She went on to explain that when her program director found out she was expecting twins, he urged her to take a break and come back the following year because it would be “nearly difficult” to finish the program while having two children.

“I went to class every single day literally until the day I gave birth. I was determined to finish. Only after a week of giving birth via c-section I was back in class because i was told it was “unacceptable that I missed a week of school,” Montoya narrated.

Montoya stated that her grades dropped drastically as a result of being occupied with taking care of her children. “My grades dropped DRASTICALLY and my anxiety went through the roof. I was so afraid of failing and losing everything and most importantly my kids. I honestly thought dropping out would be the best choice for me, but I knew I couldn’t let my kids down,” she said.

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