2023 gubernatorial: “Let’s retire PDP in Abia” – Onyenucheya urges voters

Dr. Chukwuemeka Onyenucheya, a former candidate for the Ikwuano State House of Assembly, has emphasised the necessity for Abians to retire the leadership of the People’s Democratic Party as the countdown to the 2023 governorship elections intensifies.

On Wednesday, in response to the new wave of political leadership sweeping through the South East, he announced this on his Twitter account.

He said,”There is finally hope for the people of Abia Central.. Kudos to you for voting rightly for a power shift to #LabourParty. This new political wave will help us save our people from the hands of the wicked that left our communities underdeveloped for donkey years”.

Abians having voted for Labour party candidates Peter Obi in the Presidential, Hon. Darlington Nwokocha for Senatorial, must replicate the same during the forthcoming gubernatorial election.

“With the emergence of Darlington Nwokocha as the Senatorial representative of Isiala Ngwa North and South Federal constituency, we are optimistic that Abia central will get quality representation at the senate.

In the future, he said there is a need for the electorate to vote for the Labour Party in the governorship and state house of assembly election to form a new government in Abia to dethrone the wicked leadership of the Peoples Democratic Party.

“It’s time for Abians to shun politics of selfish interests and focus on the development of our dear state, as we need a governor with exceptional leadership, administrative skill and national pedigree. Abia State doesn’t belong to any family or sect of people”.

Until recently, Dr Onyenucheya had been with the People’s Democratic Party, an aspirant of the house of assembly but withdrew from the primaries due to the People’s Democratic Party’s inability to follow and respect her constitution.

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