James Brown’s sister displays transformation: “I Need To Be A Man To Take Care Of My Family”

Sister Grace Brown has made the decision to follow in the footsteps of Nigerian cross-dresser James Brown, who recently switched from dressed as a man to a woman.

Grace Brown claimed in a post on her Instagram account that she changed her gender so she could support the family as a man.

This sparked debate among online users, with many stating flatly that she looked better dressed as a guy than when she was dressed as a girl.

“Na this kind garment you suppose dey wear,” Sugar Sharon remarked.

“And here I was thinking it’s Wizkid at the first slide,” Graceblaqq added.

Vickkie said, “You con fine as a man ooo😂😂😂😂.”

Peterson juli said, “😂😂😂😂abeg Grace go back to being a gurl nah beg I beg you.”

Anjolaoluwa said, “this family na were

Real_joyce said, “you look handsome.”

Phyne phace wrote, “You look better of a man than James sha😎.”

Twenny_tee said, “You cun resemble low budget Wizkid.”

Another user said, “Wahala oo, abeg make you and brother James kuku switch gender because it fit you more than female dress for sure😂😂.”

Dami said, “That woman lifestyle don’t even fit you before😂 I like as you guys exchange God’s work🚶‍♀️.”

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