Family Disown Man For Marrying Indian Girl, Made to Return Money Spent on Him

A young man aged 29 has refused to help his sick father despite being financially buoyant owing to what his family did to him in the past

It happened that his family requested a refund of the N17.7 million spent on his master’s education as well as disowned him for marrying a Christian Indian girl he met abroad

His wife’s family accepted him and things eventually turned around for him as he got his residency, a stable job and three houses

The young man vowed never to visit his hometown several years after he was disowned by his family over his choice of a life partner.

A Facebook user identified as Fourth Son Reborn shared the 29-year-old man’s story on the social media platform, saying he met him at a place where he had gone to negotiate a deal.

Fourth Son narrated that the Hindu man married a Christian Indian lady he met in Australia and this made his family disown him.

The man’s family went on to request that he refunded the $40k (N17.7 million) they spent on his master’s education.

Over a period of 18 months, the man paid up the money to his parents and was accepted by his wife’s family.

Things got better for the young man as he got his residency abroad, a stable job and three houses.

Tragedy struck and his father got sick. Fourth Son said the Hindu man has refused to help his ailing dad despite pleas from his mother.

“His father is sick, mother keeps calling him, he’s busy. He says if they rejected him at his lowest and even demanded he pay them back, he’s willing to end in Valhalla than help them with a dime.

“He swears never to visit India. He’s been here for 8 years in total. This 29 year-old man just made my day with his story,” Fourth Son wrote.

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