Reality TV personality Saskay reveals, “I once smuggled 80 leaves full of ‘chokes’ into an exam hall.”

Saskay admitted that she once brought 80 leaves filled with bacteria, or “chokes,” into a classroom for a test.

Tsakute Ladi Jonah, better known by her stage name Saskay, is a Big Brother Naija model and star who has spoken about her attempt to cheated on an exam.

Saskay responded to a trending Twitter query by sharing her personal experience. When did people realize they would fail an exam while sitting in the exam room? asked the tweep.

Read her tweets below;

“How did you know you weren’t going to pass an exam after getting the question paper?

Share your story  ,” 

Saskay answered by sharing a story about carrying 80 leaves filled with “chokes” (expo) into an exam room, only to be disappointed when none of the questions related to the expo.

She claimed that in order to fill in the blanks on her answer sheet, she began selecting arbitrary responses from the expo.

Read her post below;

“In secondary school, I carried a full 80 leaves sheet of ‘chokes’ into the exam hall and none of it corresponded with the questions. I started free styling and dashing each question anything from my chokes.”

She said that the course that drove her to go above and beyond to cheat was history when some enquiring followers asked what it was.

“I hated history so much and I didn’t want to fail”, she explained

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