“I can’t date anyone below my tax bracket anymore” – Make-up artiste and ex wife of actor Emmanuiel Ikubese, Anita Brows, says

Anita Adetoye, better known by her stage name Anita Brows, is a makeup artist and the former spouse of actor Emmanuel Ikubese.

Anita stated in a recent interview that most Nigerian guys target women who seem to be successful in their own lives. She claimed that many Nigerian guys are skilled at “pad things up” to the point that a woman can start dating them after becoming involved with them.

She asserted that establishing a relationship cannot be done solely through love.

”You can’t really use love to enter a relationship. I guess I am speaking from experience”she said

While addressing a question on whether she can date a guy below her tax bracket, she responded;

”Anything below, I can’t really do that anymore. I feel like I have dated someone because they were levelling up in their life but it was just  facade. Yea, I cannot”she said

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