The singer 2face Idibia states, “The idea of stating PEOPLE OF COLOR is total bulls**t to me.”

According to him, calling black people “people of color” is complete bullsh*t.

The well-known Nigerian artist 2face Idibia has stated that he thinks it is pure bullsh*t to refer to black people as “people of color.”

On Tuesday, November 22, he made this claim in a post that was posted to his Instagram Story. He added that the phrase didn’t sit well with him because white isn’t also a color.

Read below;

“Unless we are all saying that WHITE is not a colour. The idea of saying PEOPLE OF COLOUR is total bullshit to me.


Singer 2face Idibia says

Meanwhile, Nigerians and other Africans have responded to his post in a variety of ways online as they offer their perspectives on the idea behind the term “people of color.”

Read some remarks below,

@toba_popoola wrote, “Basically and factually, nobody is really BLACK or WHITE in its entirety. It’s the fabrication of the western world to make us look barbaric, backward, archaic ,uneducated and uncivilized and seeing themselves as WHITES (pure, forward, civilized and industrialized). They simply want to rewrite history by manipulating it. Civilization started in Africa ”

@est_thony_ wrote, “According to them, they call us people of color because we come in different shades of brown unlike white people, they don’t have shades of white ”

@longdiva_bigwan wrote, “I prefer the people of color to the term “blacks” Look the reason we are referred to as people of color is because we are actually people of color, for Christ sake, what color is a European man? No human is practically White in color,but you see the Africans have all the skin colors, light brown,dark brown, coffee brown and maybe black.”

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