“Tears Rolled Down My Eyes”: Nigerian Man Sees Boy Sneaking Out of Girlfriend’s House, Chats Surface

After spotting a man at his girlfriend’s home, a Nigerian man experienced heartbreak.

The young man told his pal in conversations posted on Twitter that he had gone to surprise his girlfriend.

Sadly, after arriving, he banged for a while without receiving an answer. He made the decision to exit by the back door, where he jumped onto a man who was secretly leaving the residence.

He narrated:

“Guy I am in tears. I’m pained. I went to my babe’s place this morning. Make I just go do surprise visit. When I knocked on the door I wasn’t getting any response. I thought she was still asleep. So I decided to knock through the back door.

“Omoo I saw this guy sneaking out through the back door. I was heartbroken instantly. Tears rolled down my eyes. I almost had an accident while I was driving back home.”

Mixed reactions trail video

Reacting to the video, some netizens took sides with the lady as they claimed that the young man was jumping into conclusions.

Others consoled him and advised him to move on with his life.

Odi Nonsky said:

“E for better say you catch them in bed red handed. Cause I trust girls. She go deny am flat. Whine u and you go accept her back.”

Munachimso wrote:

“Why heart broken??? You didn’t even hear from your babê or make some clarification. Might be the younger brother or cousin. Things are not done that way. That girl deserves an apology from the guy.”

Walshak wrote:

“Nigerians are now practicing Democratic kind of relationship. Your girlfriend can be girlfriend of the people, for the people and by the people. Same with your boyfriend. If you’re lucky to see a loyal and faithful partner, hold them tight.”

Oluwoye Tayo commented:

“Brother,pregnate one lady or girl let her born for you, so you won’t bother either they cheat on you or not but make sure na you get the Belle.”

Abby Sosa added:

“What’s wrong with showing up that your babe house unannounced? Like mehn I don’t understand jare. Our POV different sha.”

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