Nollywood Actress Faults Men Planning To Settle Down But Don’t Own A House

This was revealed by the actress, 31, during a recent interview with Toke Makinwa on her podcast, Toke Moments.

When discussing partnerships, Lilian asserted that any man who is prepared for marriage but does not own his own home is flawed.

Something is wrong with a man who doesn’t have a house in his name, the woman claimed.

She emphasised that she is not looking for a millionaire, but rather a man who is at ease and capable of performing simple tasks when asked about the kind of man she prefers.

Her potential suitor must be able to provide for her basic needs and own a home and car.

“I am not looking for a billionaire. I am looking for a comfortable guy, be able to do basic things. Comfortable for me means have a house, and car”.

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