The actress Mary Njoku warns women to be wary of IJGB since sapa is a global phenomenon.

Mary Remmy Njoku, a producer and actress in Nollywood, has taken to Instagram to provide some food for thought for women looking for dates with guys who are preparing to fly back from overseas during the holidays.

The actress related a tale about a man who had returned years earlier and had made an attempt to trick her by telling many lies and speaking with an odd accent, but she had no interest in his proposal. He wasn’t the lawyer he claimed to be; instead, he was a barber in the UK, it later emerged.

She added that sapa was a common feeling shared by everyone and that having a British accent was not a sign of intelligence or success.

Read her post below;

“Chai! Xmas don reach o I remember that year when an Area Bros came back from Jand with a weird accent and pocket full of lies. ‘I run a big law firm in London’ I wasn’t into him cos his
‘yarns’ were inconsistent.
And despite the ‘supposed’ BLOW, he wasn’t smart.
Well, I saw him at a barber shop in London few years later and he couldn’t even look at me.
The shoes didn’t lie. UK is real.
Well I said a prayer for him. Hope he is OK wherever he is.

Moral lessons.
£10 is now 10k. So be careful with IJGB this Christmas.
‘ I wanna gonna’ is NOT a measure of one’s intelligence or success
*Date who you truly like so you don’t feel deceived. *Sapa is a universal thing. E dey EVERYWHERE.”

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