Mother-of-six and Manchester City fan faces jail for grabbing the genitals of an Everton fan and saying ‘I am going to f*** him later’ during match

After being found guilty of molesting an Everton supporter during a Premier League match, a Manchester City fan now faces jail time, could be listed on the Sex Offender Register, and could be banned from all football venues.

‘I am going to f*** him later, and I don’t even know his name,’ Jemma Whiteside, 40, allegedly said as she grabbed the man’s genitalia and twerked against his shoulder just before kickoff, according to Mail Online.

 Mother-of-six and?Manchester City fan?faces jail for grabbing the genitals of?an?Everton fan and?saying

The incident occurred in February when Whiteside was at Goodison Park to see City beat Everton 1-0. 

The mother-of-six was convicted of sexual assault at Sefton Magistrates Court today after her trial. She was later bailed for sentencing next month. 

The offence has a maximum ten years imprisonment and she could also be barred from all stadiums in the UK under a Football Banning order.

Whiteside, of Worsley, Greater Manchester, groped a male Everton fan during a Premiership clash on February 26 this year.

The victim, who is in his 40s, reported the incident to police saying he was ‘shocked’ at being fondled. 

 Mother-of-six and?Manchester City fan?faces jail for grabbing the genitals of?an?Everton fan and?saying

 ‘I was looking out towards the concourse when a female came up behind me, put her hand between my legs and grabbed hold of my testicles,’ he told the court.

‘She went one step up of a flight of stairs so she was slightly higher and put her bum on my shoulder and then walked off. 

‘I was shocked. I looked at a colleague and he looked at me and I said: ‘Did that just happen?”

The victim claimed Whiteside put her hand between his legs before she ‘went up and cupped my testicles.’

He recalled: ‘She was directly behind me and she then took a step up when she rubbed her bum on my shoulder. I was shocked.’

PC Mark McGinty who arrested Whiteside in the stands said she was ‘very drunk,’ as evidenced by her behaviours in the stands.

‘She was moving her arms about erratically, leaning over the barrier and trying to grab at people below, shouting at them and shouting towards the pitch,’ Mr McGinty explained.

‘Her speech was very slurred, she was unsteady on her feet and her eyes were glazed. I was under the impression that she was very drunk.’

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