Man spends £1,500 every month to stop himself from ageing

A man who has been paying £1,500 per month to delay aging claims he would even consider being frozen so he could return in the future.

Leon Kurita-Goudlock, 36, claims to believe in biohacking, often known as “upgrading your body,” and claims that he was inspired to act after witnessing the passing of his parents.

The fashion worker claims he would like to live forever and now takes up to 60 tablets a day.

He claims that if continuing to live forever doesn’t work out, he will do everything in his power to age.

He says each morning he wakes up between 4am and 5am and takes time to himself to do meditation, go to the gym and drink two litres of water.

He eats between 1,500 and 1,800 calories a day between 6pm and 9pm and fasts for the rest of the day.

He drinks water and black coffee to supress his hunger and enjoys a mainly Japanese diet with foods such as brown rice, seaweed, miso soup, meat, fish, fruit and veg.

As a father to his daughter, Seline, one, and husband to Ryoko, 33, he doesn’t fast on the weekend and eats what he wants to have a balance.

But Leon refuses to drink during the week and only drinks four to six units of alcohol at the weekend often missing work functions because of his abstinence.

He added:

 ‘Lots of people want a quick and easy solution, it’s not magic and a lot of people brush off level one.

‘Fasting is the most prolific thing that I do.

‘Water fasting is when you go three to 14 days without eating and the only thing you can consume is water and salt for electrolytes.

‘I do a ten-day water fast once a year. I feel stronger than other people like I have conquered something.

‘Once I did a dry fast which is more controversial. I did four fays of fasting with no food or water. I was fine but I wouldn’t do it again.’

Leon claims fasting helps control all blood markers and improves your cholesterol levels and cell function and allows homeostasis – biological stability- to return to the body to reverse aging.

Moving up, level two consists of different kinds of therapies such as red-light therapy, infrared therapy and taking lesser known supplements.

Leon said: ‘I take 60 pills a day and spend a few grand every month on supplements.

‘I do red light therapy once a day for 45 minutes to decrease the aesthetic stages of aging.

‘It can take a while and won’t be a quick fix Benjamin Button solution, but it can reverse the aging process.’

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