Bobrisky receives criticism from James Brown after an uncomfortable event

After a miscommunication at an event, James Brown, the self-proclaimed Princess of Africa, insults Bobrisky, his senior colleague.

At an occasion where he violently flung a bottle in their direction, Bobrisky had run into James Brown and Papaya Ex.

The Princess of Africow responded to the incident on his Instagram page by posting a video from a different angle and explaining his motivations.

The goal, according to James Brown, was to wish the old queen adieu as the reign of the new queen got underway.

Read his post below;

“I needed to greet our Ex Queen a good fare well because I’m now the new Queen 👸 of African, ” 

In another post, he strengthened, “If you know me well you should know that I’m always supporting my friends, family and fans i don’t fight or bef other.”

James Brown disses Bobrisky following embarrassing moment at an event (Video)

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