2023 Election: Catholic Bishop warns Christians against voting for political parties that field same-faith tickets

The Most Reverend Mathew Ndagoso, Bishop of the Kaduna Catholic Archdiocese, has urged Christians to abstain from voting in the 2023 elections for parties that run candidates of the same religion.

The warning was delivered by Bishop Ndagoso on November 21 at a gathering. He claimed that same-faith tickets do not advance equity, fairness, and unity, particularly in a diverse nation like Nigeria.

According to Channels Television, the cleric also said that political parties and presidential candidates must take religion into account when choosing candidates for elections because it is a significant factor to be taken into account in the nation’s socio-political charter.

He said; 

“Nigeria is a very diverse country, we come from different cultural backgrounds, religious backgrounds, and social backgrounds and our diversities are not a curse; they are blessings from God.

“All we need are leaders who will be able to manage and harness these diversities as to enrich our country. Therefore, the kind of leader Nigeria needs is somebody who has the ability to manage our differences and bring everybody together and give everyone a sense of belonging.”

Ndagoso also admonished Christians not to waste their votes and to avoid voting any political party that fields same faith ticket into power, as such parties are insensitive to the feelings of Christians. 

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