Nigerian Caregiver Jailed In Dubai For Spending 30 Minutes In Toilet

A Nigerian lady, Davidson Patience Sopuruchi, has reportedly been jailed in Dubai for spending 30 minutes in the toilet.

The act became criminal negligence when one of the students she was watching over hurt himself in the lobe of the ear while the caregiver was away in the loo.

She was sentenced to one month in prison for the offence, but has not been released about two months after she was jailed.

Her brother took to social media to draw the attention of Duba police to the plight of the woman.

The injured ear

He wrote: @DubaiPoliceHQ “Salam halaikum, I want to bring to your notice about my younger sister who is a care giver at Al-Ain center for care and rehabilitation, on the 15th of September 2022, we got a message from her ex colleague that she was arrested for staying 30 minutes in the Bathroom and one of her students cut his ears by himself, she was taken to the police station in Al-Ain and immediately jailed for a month for her negligence, October 15th is believed to be a month, till date we have not heard from my sister, the HR are not replying us.”

“Her passport was seized, no call, messages from the HR to we her family till date, and every attempt to hear from my sister is blocked by their female supervisor who from day one has sworn to frustrate her in that job. My sister’s name is DAVIDSON PATIENCE SOPURUCHI. Please help!”

Dubai Police, tweeting with @DubaiPoliceHQ responded to the tweet with:

“Good Afternoon, please contact us via DM. Thank you for contacting us.”

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