Jane Mena exclaims, “Can’t believe we made this lovely human,” and describes how she was paralyzed by pregnancy and birthing anxiety.

Jane Mena, a professional dancer, talks about her labor experience and how she once felt paralyzed by dread while gushing over her husband and infant.

This comes hours after the new mother announced the birth of her child, the gender of which she has not yet disclosed.

Jane Mena referred to her husband as the “greatest father ever” in an Instagram story when she posted a picture of him caring for their newborn child.

Read her post below;

“The best husband ever. Omg! My baby is so cute. Can’t believe we created this fine human, ” 

The dancer revealed in another post that she once feared giving birth in response to one of her followers.

Read her second post below;

“Lmao las las you gats do am…you go dey alright.
This was me 2018 to @aphricanace and now we are here. I don’t think there was anyone more scared of child birth than me in this world.

But it’s the sweetest bitter sweetest feeling ever. I love it here 4 4 4, I love love love it here,”.

"Can't believe we created this fine human" — Jane Mena gushes, speaks on how she was gripped by fear of child birth

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