Breaking: Viral Pregnant Wife Caught On Bed With Another Man Allegedly Commits Suicide

Unconfirmed reports state that Martha, a pregnant woman from Kitwe, committed suicide after being found in bed with ritualist pastor Piercy Enoch Peterz during a ritual.

Remember how Martha gained notoriety two days after being exposed as sharing her marital bed with a phony ritualist clergyman named Piercy Enoch Peterz?

She had told her husband she was going to Kitwe, but was actually having sex with a phony preacher in her marital house when she was caught red-handed by him.

Journalist Chama disclosed on social media that Martha Aha killed herself because she was unable to handle the disgrace any longer.

Chama wrote: “On a sad note, Martha has taken her life she could not stand the shame.”

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