“Is it only women that have infertility problems?” Pastor David Adeoye questions why men don’t come out during prayer for the fruit of the womb

Why are women made to feel like they are solely to blame for infertility in marriages? is a question raised by Pastor David Adeoye.

A happy household is not always a perfect home was the sermon’s theme, and the pastor questioned why only women showed up for fertility prayers in church while males declined.

He then asked the assembly if only women experience infertility problems.

He also questioned why men would leave their marriages if they were unable to have children.

He also issued a warning to guys who go around saying that their spouses are witches.

It takes a wizard to marry a witch, he continued, so if you claim your wife is one, you need to be looked at.

David Adeoye’s wife, Sunmbo Adeoye, approved of her husband’s message and she left a comment.

Sunmbo wrote: “You are the best.”

"Is it only women that have infertility problems?" Pastor David Adeoye questions why men don

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