Actor Hanks Anuku speaks out about unsettling videos: “Stop writing rubbish about me and leave me alone.”

As he suggests that the films are from a movie in which he appears, Hanks has finally addressed the rumors that have been circulating about him.

Hanks Anuku, a veteran Nollywood actor, has finally spoken out over the discussion on social media about his mental health.

Recall that Hanks was recently in the headlines when a distressing video of a man who resembles him was found wandering the streets in torn clothes, alarming fans and well-meaning Nigerians.

After that, his coworker Shan George stepped forward to refute rumors that he suffers from mental instability and provided a video and pictures of herself and Hanks working on a set in Asaba. He is allegedly portraying a “crazy monarch” in the film, according to another rumor.

Hanks is allegedly ill, and Asaba residents can attest to this, according to some Nollywood actresses, including Adanma Luke and Iheme Nancy.

Another video of the actor at a roadside bar drinking and chatting to himself surfaced online during the controversy, perhaps confirming claims that he is not feeling well.

Now that Hanks has addressed the rumors that are circulating about him, it appears that the videos are from a film in which he appears. He also urged people to cease criticizing him.

Read his post below;

“Tell all these motherfuckers who write crap about me to stop writing crap and leave me alone. If they want to act the movie, if they need help, they can come to me. I’ve been on set and anyone writing using those pictures on set to try and destroy my image. May the Holy Spirit forgive you.
We shall hook up pretty soon.”

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