Why my child won’t wed a person from the trenches Nigerian entrepreneur

He added that the subject should not be approached with sanctimony or emotion.

A Nigerian businessman has given his reasons for never letting his child wed a person from the “trenches.”

Taking to twitter, the man identified as @RonaldNzimora averred that “proper trench people are mostly dangerous people.”

He added that people can do whatever they want with their own children and that the subject is not something to be sanctimonious or sentimental about.

Read his words below;

“As I get money, my pikin NO GO EVER MARRY trenches person. Na my pikin. Do with your own children how you want. I will do with mine how I want. This is not a topic to be sanctimonous or emotional about. Proper trenches people are mostly dangerous people. My work to make sure say e no get coconut head, because na from small the indoctrination against marrying trenches people go start. LOL!”, .

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