We are not going to pay anyone for work not done – FG tells ASUU

After an 8-month strike, the federal government has stated that academics should not anticipate receiving their full salary because they cannot be compensated for work that has not been completed.

After the Federal Executive Council (FEC) meeting this week, presided over by President Muhammadu Buhari at the Presidential Villa in Abuja, Minister of Education Mallam Adamu Adamu expressed the Federal Government’s position on the fresh conflict with ASUU.

When questioned about the lecturers’ insistence on holding a work-free day in opposition to the federal government’s choice to pay its constituents pro rata, Adamu stated that the federal government’s position was that the lecturers “would not be paid for work not done.

He also stated that ASUU’s claim of FG turning lecturers to casual workers is not true as no one can do that. 

Adamu said; 

“The strike has been called off and the government has paid them what is due to them. I think that’s the position of the government; that it is not going to pay anyone for work not done and they only did, I think, the number of days that they were paid.

“How can anybody make a university lecturer a casual… Do you know the meaning of casual worker? If you know the meaning of the casual worker, it is impossible to make a university lecturer a casual worker.”

When asked if the Federal Government would be willing to take steps to assuage the ASUU and stave off further hostilities, the Minister said; 

“I don’t understand, is there any problem now?”.

On the planned work-free-day, he said:

“Oh? Okay, I’m not aware. I’m not aware. That they are going on strike? No, nobody has told me.

“So let’s wait till the work-free-day comes, then I’ll find out the details and we’ll discuss, you can ask me then, but at the moment, I’m telling you honestly, I do not know that there is a problem”

Also reacting to President of the ASUU, Professor Emmanuel Osodoke’s claim of the union only having an agreement with the Minister of Education and Speaker Femi Gbajabiamiala, not with the Minister of Labour and Employment, Adamu said;

“I cannot add any light on something that I did not know.

“And since they said they have no business with the Minister of … Did they show you the agreement? Well, I’m not aware that there’s any agreement between us.”

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