“This Is Initiation”: Nigerians Raise Alarm As Photos of Theatre Arts Students During Induction Goes Viral

Pictures of Benue State University theatre arts students at their departmental induction have gone viral online.

Both male and female incoming students tied white ribbons and carried calabashes with lit white candles within.

While some people noted that the ritual is standard for that profession, others expressed worries about cult initiation.

Nigerians react to the photos


“That’s how it’s done in almost all Nigerian uni , nothing new and bad here.”


“That’s how it’s done in all universities na, as far as you are a theatre art student.”


“na so person go join secret cult him no go know.”


“This is initiation oh! Jesus Christ “


“That is how Dey do it in all university even my school.”


“But why exactly do they conduct their inductions like this?”


“They have to be inducted to be able to mount the stage as a pure thespian… welcome to the world of thespians.”


“It’s done in every 9ja uni. As long as you a thespian, you must undergo this type of induction. “

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