Pregnant Woman Jailed For Stealing £100,000 From Manchester City To Pay For Wedding

Fiona Barclay is currently pregnant and will spend at least nine months behind bars after being caught stealing over £100,000 from Manchester City while working as an executive for the club.

A former Manchester City executive has been jailed after stealing more than £100,000 from the football club to pay for her wedding and use for ‘retail therapy’.

Fiona Barclay had been earning up to £30,000 a year working as a business development manager for the Premier League champions within the club’s hospitality department, but was actually taking home a lot more money.

The 33-year-old, who is currently pregnant, was discovered to be swindling cash from the club and has now been put behind bars after being handed an 18-month sentence, which she will serve half of in prison.

After getting caught Barclay told police that she had used the stolen money to pay for her wedding and also bought gifts for her husband and family.

The mum-to-be wept during her hearing at Manchester Crown Court before she was imprisoned, Manchester Evening News reports.

The court heard how the law caught up with Barclay, who is from Scotland but now lives in Manchester, when accountants reported a suspicious transaction after a refund of £25,000 was issued last year.

Prosecutor Ellen Shaw said that the transaction stirred up suspicion ‘by the fact it was a large round number’.

When she was initially questioned about the transaction, Barclay admitted that she’d made an ‘error’ and apologised to the club. She admitted to depositing £15,000 of the sum into her own bank account and paid it back to the club.

But after investigating the incident further, the club found that Barclay had been siphoning money from them since June 2019. Barclay underwent disciplinary proceedings at the club and was sacked in March last year.

It was discovered that she had stolen a total of £104,000 and the club still remain £89,000 down after she paid back the £15,000. However, the court heard that Barclay has tried to contact City to pay back the money she stole, but has not heard back from them.

A criminal investigation was launched and it was during this that Barclay confessed to police she had used the money to pay for ‘various parts of her wedding’, and for purchasing ‘gifts for her husband and family’. She pleaded guilty to an offence of fraud by abuse of position.

Since being sacked last year, Barclay has gone on to secure another job at a travel firm, who she has informed about her conviction.

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