“I look fine despite having insufficient sleep” – Actress Lora reacts to age shaming by a fan

Actress Lota Chukwu of Nigeria responded to an age-shaming tweet that was made against her.

After the actress shared a photo of herself on Twitter, a fan named DanSokoto claimed that the actress was aging.

The actress responded by breaking out her schedule, which reveals that she hardly gets enough rest, showing that she did not like the remark.

The actress claims that even after 26 hours without sleep, she is typically awake.

She further asserted that because people are accustomed to using filters, they mistake other people for being elderly.

She wrote: “I look like that after getting barely 15hrs sleep in 192hrs and being on my feet with zero hours of sleep for 26hrs, and still look that fine. Nobody in the world can make me feel bad about my looks, even on my worst day.

“Bruhhhh, face card hasn’t declined since I was 5″.

“You people are so used to filters and that’s the only explanation why someone would repeatedly camp under my tweet to try to clown me by saying I’m getting old because I have “wrinkles”. I’m 30+, I have laugh lines, I don’t see the problem. Next.”

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