BBNaija’s Yerins cautions fans after they mentioned his name while fighting over their favourite housemates

For fans who were squabbling over their preferred Big Brother Naija previous housemates, Yerins Abraham offered some words of wisdom.

A supporter brought up Yerins, a past BBNaija housemate, during the heated exchange.

The topic of contention was the caliber of endorsements their favorite housemates were receiving, and Yerins’ name was brought up in a derogatory way.

A trained medical doctor, singer, and fashion designer, Yerins responded by urging the feuding fans to put an end to their self-immolations in the name of their idols.

He wrote: “Endorsements are just lowkey 9-5 jobs not a sign of success. The way you fans kill yourselves over it is absurd. If you mean well for your fav, gradually grow with them and allow them to pursue their path, not stuck being a brand influencer just so y’all can have bragging rights.”


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