“I want to see my son, Zazuu, I’m his mother,” – A woman who identifies herself as Portable’s mother wails.

A woman who exhibited many of Portable Zazzu’s characteristics claimed to be Zazzu’s mother in a viral video that had the internet abuzz.

The mother was shown in the video acting in a way that was reminiscent of Portable as she screamed for her son.

Read her wwords below;

“I want to see my son. I am Zazzu’s mother. I want to see Portable“,

Responding, godstimegh wrote, “na now I believe say blood is thicker than water😂😂😂🤣😅😂.”

bfundz said: “e no get anything wey you wan tell me, na portable mama be dis.”

__Graceland said: “They Don use this one too. Omo joy no dey, guys abeg o😅🤣😂.”

Davidyoungmz wrote: “Finally portable mama come out, bike man stop me here I wish to view this matter e go long😂.”

Son_paul5 said: “Like mother like son😂”.

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