Stefflon Don, the ex-girlfriend of Burna Boy, shared a humorous voicemail she received from an “alpha man.”

His humorous performance resembled a botched singing competition audition.

The humorous voice note she received from a male admirer was published on Instagram by Stefflon Don, a British rapper and the ex-girlfriend of Nigerian singer Burna Boy.

Stefflon claimed in a video uploaded to her official Instagram page that she frequently receives bizarre and humorous direct messages from users and that she chose to share the voice note with her followers as a result.

The voice note from the fan stated that he wanted to perform one of his songs for Stefflon. He then gave a rib-cracking performance that sounded like a botched singing competition audition.

The song’s lyrics about a “juicy” and “cherry” girl were included by the young man, who obviously lacked musical talent.

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