Nigerian women recount the most bizarre events that occurred during their wedding, saying “Photographer came by 10am for a 7am wedding.”

What was the most bizarre occurrence at your wedding?

A few Nigerian ladies have turned to the microblogging site Twitter to chronicle the most bizarre events during their weddings.

The conversation began when a Twitter user with the handle @folasade daini shared her own story about how the DJ for her wedding was late, forcing the couple to play music from a phone before he arrived. She said that since the DJ was a “wedding gift,” she couldn’t complain about his tardiness.

She subsequently asked other women to share their own stories, and the responses were overwhelmingly positive, with everything from caterers arriving late to the wedding to a videographer forgetting to capture the couple on camera.

Read what Folashade wrote below,

“Was telling my bestie about crying after my wedding reception. I thought ours was bad. Till they started talking. Photographer woke up late and came by 10am for a 7am wedding. Took a few pictures and battery died. Told them to keep posing and did like camera was still working.

I can’t even begin to list all the things that went wrong. I’m sure if I ask here,there’ll be plenty stories. Indulge me, “What’s the craziest thing at by happened at your wedding?”

I couldn’t even complain about the DJ cos he was supposed to be a wedding gift. So I no even for complain.”

Read more statements from other women below,

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