Nigerian man shares the ”shocking” response ‘bribe-seeking airport officials’ gave his aunt after she told them she had no money

The remark allegedly bribe-seeking airport employees gave his aunt when she said she had no money while departing the nation has been revealed by a Nigerian guy.

The man shared her story on his Twitter account and remarked;

Posting her experience on his Twitter handle, the man wrote;

”My Aunt was travelling to London last week. At the Lagos Airport, she was told she had to remove Aboniki from her bag as it was contraband. She explained she was cold and needed it for her nose. The idiots told her she had to settled them.

She responded she had no money as she had shared it to every worker demanding money from.the gate to that point. Here is what they told her: “Madam, money dey this bag. Na me scan am na. I see am.” What manner of criminality is this? If your stuff disappear, it is intentional”

Nigerian man shares the

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