“It was great… until it was a deception,” the daughter of Mr. Ibu says in reference to the dissolution of her 9-month marriage.

Jasmine, the daughter of Mr. Ibu, announces the dissolution of her nine-month marriage to her American spouse after learning that he had lied about his past.

Jasmine claimed that even though her marriage to her husband had been perfect, she had learned a falsehood that she could never forget.

She stated that despite him not telling her, she learned that he has three grown children from a previous marriage.

Jasmine claimed that she has already requested a divorce and has no intention of pardoning him for this single lie because she had repeatedly questioned him about his background and he had never admitted to having been married.

One of her posts reads;

“My marriage was so beautiful, and full of love, my husband literally worshiped me! I don’t know if anyone is ever going to love me like he did! But this one lie ! I can’t forgive! I have filed a divorce today! I found out today that he has 3 grown up girls ! 3? Never told me he was married and divorced! Yes he’s divorced ,but still doesn’t change anything! I married a single loving husband! I won’t settle for less! I love him so much! I appreciate all the love you showed me! You showed me a different version of love! I appreciate but i can’t settle for a tiny lie! I can’t forget! I won’t forgive! I don’t owe anyone explanation!! Don’t ever lie about your age for any reason!

I love you MD”

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