Daniella acknowledges that she owes Khalid an apology after being ignored by him.

After the program, BBNaija contestant Daniella spoke candidly about how she felt about Khalid, her love interest.

Before he was eliminated in week two, Khalid and Daniella were in a committed relationship. After his eviction, the merge happened, which helped Daniella get along with Dotun, a former level 1 resident.

She felt particularly offended when Khalid disregarded her at the previous gathering. She acknowledges to Ebuka that she needs to apologize to Khalid and make a number of clarifications.

She continued by saying that she had overstepped her boundaries as a result of what she had heard, but Khalid was not present to defend himself.

Daniella further disclosed that if the opportunity arises, she would prefer to start over with Khalid.

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