Woman Stabbed 4-year-old Daughter To Death After Husband Was Called Up To Army In Russia

A distraught woman stabbed her daughter and tried to take her own life after hearing her husband had been mobilised by Vladimir Putin.

Her four-year-old daughter died after a heated row in which the wife told her spouse she did not want him to go as a conscript.

The woman wounded herself but her life was saved in the city of Perm in Russia.

The man, Ramin Aliev, 29, had previously served in airborne intelligence in the Russian military, and was summoned to go to the war zone in Ukraine following Putin’s announcement of the recruitment of 300,000 reservists.

His wife was horrified that he was being mobilised and a furious row started, it has been reported.

His wife was horrified that he was being mobilised and a furious row started, it has been reported.

She “broke down” over him being sent to war.

She is stabbing her daughter in the heart before knifing herself in the abdomen.

The couple’s older son, six, was not hurt.

An official account of the incident does not mention the mobilisation factor at the row in the village of Barda, which was reported in multiple media outlets.

A statement from the Russian Investigative Committee said: “The suspect, after a quarrel with her husband for a minor reason, while at home, went into her daughter’s room born in 2016 and inflicted a fatal blow to her heart.”

“After the murder of the child, the suspect tried to take her own life.”

The mother – who has not been named – is now in hospital and has undergone surgery.

A formal investigation has been opened against her into “the murder of a minor”.

The maximum penalty is 20 years in jail.

Her husband had previously served in the army for a decade, mostly in military intelligence.

After quitting the army he worked as an oil driller.

The news comes as Putin announced plans for a partial military mobilisation in Russia, saying it was a necessary step to ensure Russian territorial integrity.

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