“English Na Your Mate?” Nigerian Kid Uses Oyinbo Accent to Confuse Mum, Video of Her Reaction Goes Viral

Due to her lovely Oyinbo accent, a bright little girl has gained a lot of attention on social media.

The girl’s amazing command of the English language garnered her a lot of admirers.

The girl’s mother complained that she couldn’t understand the girl’s lovely accent.

A woman who is thought to be the girl’s mother interrogated her in the brief TikTok video that @lifeofthetwins7 shared.

Her comments were delivered with a smooth Oyinbo accent.

When she returned from school, someone questioned her why her legs were filthy. She said she was having fun on the sand.

She was difficult for the woman to understand, and she immediately expressed her frustration.

The young girl has received glowing comments from social media users.

Watch the video

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