Danielle Edochie, Yul Edochie’s daughter, writes: “Men will show you shege.”

It would be preferable, according to Danielle, if people could establish families on their own.

Controversial Danielle Edochie, the daughter of Nollywood actor Yul Edochie, has discussed love, relationships, and raising a family.

The teenage daughter of Nollywood actor Yul, Danielle, expressed her opinion that people injure themselves in relationships regardless of gender in a video she posted on her TikTok account.

Danielle, who can be seen dancing enthusiastically in the posted video to Brick and Lace’s “Love is Wicked,” asserted that it would be preferable if people could begin families on their own.

Read her post below;

“Just a reminder that men will show you shege, women will show you shege, the ones in between will show you shege so just book a flight to neptune and start a family there all by yourself.” 

This occurs after Danielle’s mother, May, once more conveyed to Judy Austin, a work colleague, her displeasure of her husband’s second marriage.

The mother of four reaffirmed her position on polygamy in a lengthy Instagram post on Saturday afternoon, days after her husband, Yul, publicly hugged her during her birthday celebration.

She asserts that although she would not be coerced into accepting polygamy because it conflicts with her beliefs and values, it is a lifestyle choice.

May described how she had a secure and loving home before the extraordinary circumstances involving her marriage in the incredibly moving essay.

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