“He hasn’t got the b to sign it”- Tyson Fury claims Anthony Joshua doesn’t want to fight him as he is refusing to still sign contract for British mega fight

Frank Warren, Fury’s promoter, previously stated that a contract had been sent to Joshua’s team and that there appeared to be few obstacles in the way of a complete agreement. However, Fury has now revealed potential obstacles in the way of a megafight by alleging that Joshua has stopped speaking.

On Friday, September 23, Fury vented on his Instagram and Twitter, initially criticizing Usyk for declaring that he was “scared of him” before shifting his focus to Joshua.

He responded, “Usyk, you little sthouse.” You little stbag, I say. Talking s***e: Are you scared of me? I’m going to punch you in the side, you little sausage.

And of all the s***houses, that big bodybuilder Anthony Joshua – that’s a proper s***house that is. Haven’t signed the contract for I don’t knows how long and ain’t signing it. You little sausage. 

‘You don’t want to fight, your manager’s a sausage I’ve never seen anything like you. However, I will be fighting on December 3rd if this sausage doesn’t sign the contract, and I don’t think he is [going to]. 

‘I don’t think he’s got the b****cks to because he’s a s**thouse. Both of you, a pair of sausage shithouses. Joshua is a s**thouse, Usyk is a s**thouse, youz are all s**thouses.’

This week Warren confirmed Joshua’s camp had not yet returned their contract, but said he saw no reason why the fight would not be finalised.

‘No. It’s not signed yet,’ he said. ‘We’re waiting for them to come back to us. But I don’t see any reason why it shouldn’t be signed.

‘The main crux of the negotiations are the splits which are agreed – 60/40. There’s a rematch clause which is agreed – 50/50.

He hasn

‘The big problem was when the fight would take place, it’s December.

‘To give everybody comfort we’ve even said that they can be involved in all the broadcast contracts, sponsorships and everything, so they can see that everything’s above board.

‘That side of it, we satisfied any worries they may have. There’s no worries about payment because they will get paid direct from the respective TV companies, so that side of it’s sorted out.’ 

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