Drunk Lady Detained After Falling Asleep and Snoring Loudly During Court Session (Photos)

Kenyan lady held after falling asleep and snoring loudly during court hearing after being arrested for drunk driving

A woman who was intoxicated was detained by a Nairobi Traffic Court after she dozed off during court proceedings.

On Thursday, September 22, Sharon Oparanya was arraigned before Magistrate Martha Nanzushi to answer to the accusation of driving while intoxicated.

She began to snore loudly while dozing off on the bench, prompting the Magistrate to ask the orderlies who was the individual snoring in court.

“Be patient! Is there someone sleeping in my court, and why is she snoring there? “The judge made a pose.

Oparanya was inebriated, the court orderly responded, which is why she was dozing off in the audience.

She is inebriated, your honor, which is why she is dozing off in court, the officer stated.

The magistrate decided that Oparanya should remain in custody at Lang’ata Women’s Prison until Friday, when she will answer to the charges.

In the charge sheet submitted to the court by the DPP, Oparanya is accused of “driving a Mercedes-Benz on a public road while under the influence of alcohol to such an extent as to be unable of having proper control of the said motor vehicle” on September 22, 2022, at 7:35 am along Ngong Road.

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